Customized Workstation PC Hardware Designed for Next Generation


Workstation PCs for Rendering, 3D Design, & Animation.

Visual Designing & Effects PCs

Creativity Enhancement with advanced computer for Video Editing & Graphic Designing.

Research Workstation PCs

Reliable and Fast Workstations for Deep Learning, AI, and Simulation.

Gaming PCs

Ultimate Gaming PCs with Liquid Cooling, VR, & More!
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About Custom PC Builder

We, at Custom PC Builder (CPC Builder), understand the value of ever-changing technology, innovation, and integration in the computer world as per demanded performance needs and individual experience. Here, everyone needs fast and reliable machines that perform as per expectations and provider quality output in real time. That is why we offer all workstation PC enthusiasts a wide range of custom build PCs that match their individual requirements directly. When it comes to building high quality and performing advanced PCs in India for video editing, AI, gaming, designing, and 3D modeling, we are committed to rendering qualified and certified products at competitive prices. Our customer service is available round the clock for solving out all queries in an amicable manner.


  • High quality products at lower costs
  • Catering all functional and non-functional needs
  • Reliable and high performance solutions
  • Upgraded experience
  • 24/7 tech support availability
  • A team of certified professionals