Best hardware for GPU rendering PC in 2018

Best hardware for GPU rendering PC in 2018

It is essential to understand that Graphics Card(GPU) based render personal computer have evolved tremendously and are started to overtake CPU-based render-engines. Some of the best hardware for GPU render PCs are briefly discussed in this blog.

Best Graphics Card for Rendering:

GPU Cooling:

  • Founders Edition Blower Style Cooler
  • Custom Partner Cooling
  • Hybrid Cooling
  • Watercooling

Power Supply:

A 500W is recommended for a One-GPU-Build. Add 250W for every additional GPU. Good PSU manufacturers to look out for are beQuiet, Seasonic and Coolermaster.

Mainboard & PCIE-Lanes:

It is essential to understand that GPU render PCs use the GPU to render. So technically speaking what would be preferable is a max-core clock CPU like Intel i7 8700K that clocks at 3,7Ghz(4,7Ghz Turbo) and the Intel i7 7700k that clocks at 4,2 GHz(4,5GHz Turbo). Moreover, when choosing a CPU, you should also consideration PCIE-Lanes.

In regards of cost efficiency what do you have for keeping in mind when development of your GPU workstation in Delhi? What is the best hardware and best GPU render PC for rendering VRAY-RT, Redshift3D or Octane?

Some of the hardware of GPU render PC are mentioned below.

  • GTX 1070  8gb
  • GTX 1070 TI
  • GTX 1060    6gb
  • GTX 1080
  • TITAN XP 12
  • Quadro P6000
  • Quadro GP100
  • Tesla P100

Via PCIE-Lanes on the motherboard, GPUs are attached to the CPU. It is important to understand various CPUs support different amounts of PCIE-Lanes and top-tier GPUs usually need 16x PCIE 3.0 lanes for the purpose of running at full performance.

When you make sure of powerful and latest processor like the i7 7700K/8700K, which has 16 PCIE-Lanes then it means that users will could potentially utilize one GPU at full speed with these type of CPUs. In some cases, GPU render PC may also make use of more than one GPU. In such cases, PCIE-Lanes like AMD thread ripper CPUs have 64 PCIE lanes when more than one GPU running at full speed is necessary a different CPU. The i9 7800X (28 PCIE-Lanes) or the i9 7900X Series CPUs that support 44 PCIE-Lanes.

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